De Nijmeegse Bierfeesten

Meer informatie en de taplijsten volgen binnenkort.


St. Patrick's Day

Meer informatie en de taplijsten volgen binnenkort.

Porterhouse Brewing Co. - Nitro Red Ale

Irish red ales? Yes, we know. Sweet, a bit cloying and, well, no thanks. So, it was braveof us (we say bravely) to put the words “red ale” after our own moniker. Why the hell would we do that?

Because this is a real red ale, an ale to conjure with that happens to be reddish in colour. More importantly, it’s exuberantly, joyfully fruity with a bit of malty caramel.

Red Ale 4,5%

Third Barrel Group - Plastic Paddy

Black IPA 8,5%

Rascals Brewery - Milkshake Stout

Milkshake Stout is our latest Milkshake inspired brew. It is a rich, creamy stout, bursting with coconut, sweet vanilla and dark chocolate (Proper Chocolate Company, Dublin) flavour.

A soft water profile leads the way for a soft and pillowly mouthfeel to really shake up this brew. Additions of lactose in the boil give it a fantastic thick body and generous amounts of brown sugar will ensure those with a sweet tooth are satisfied. Shake, Shake, Shake it off!

Milkshake Stout 5,6%

Brehon - Neipa

Seamus, die niet zo tech-savvy is als de andere brouwers waar we mee werken omschreef deze gloednieuwe met Citra en Mosaic gebrouwen New England IPA per SMS als: “Full bodied, haze, fruitful beer with notes of peach, mango and grapefruit, with perceptive bitterness and delicate hop aroma.


Porterhouse Brewing Co. - Plain Porter

The jewel in our crown was celebrated, many years in advance, by the prescient Jem Casey, Poet of the Pick and Bard of Booterstown, when he remarked that when “…no rashers grease your pan / A pint of plain is yer only man.” We agree and we’re not alone.

Our Plain Porter – porter is a lighter version of stout – is a double gold medal winner. Its subtly aromatic, a silky, round mouthful with a touch of bitterness kicking in at the finish.

Porter 4,3%

Third Barrel Group - Juice Bigalow

Our latest addition to our line ups us a Hazy IPA, double dry hopped with Mosaic & Galaxy hops, two of our favourites.

This is a big, juicy IPA with tons of pineapple, mango and orange character in both aroma and flavour. Pours a cloudy golden colour, along with low bitterness and soft mouthfeel.

Hazy IPA 7%

Rascals Brewery - Happy Days Session Pale Ale

Happy days is our 4.1% session pale ale. A mouth watering hop combination of Vic Secret, Citra, Cascade, Mosaic and Hull Melon ensures this beer gets the VIP treatment.

Expect fresh mango, passion fruit, orange, melon and much more. A delicate caramel malt backbone perfectly balances this juicy pale ale. It is the perfect session beer …HAPPY DAYS!

Pale Ale 4,1%

Brehon Brewhouse - Brehon Blonde

Heerlijke verfrissende Ierse blonde met zowel moutige als hoppige tonen. Dorstlessend en gebrouwen met nagisting op fles.

Blond 4,3%

Porterhouse Brewing Co. - Wrasslers XXXX

XXXX refers to the alcohol level and the depth of flavour in this stout.

Our kettle hops drum up a fabulous aroma, flaked barley delivering big time on texture and the darkly roasted grain building a flavour as solid as a rock. Not for the faint hearted. Can you handle it?

Stour 5%

Third Barrel Group - West Coast IPA

Straight from the IPA playbook. This classic style reinvented what hoppy beers are today.

A pared back malt bill and clean yeast lend the way for a serious burst of citrus flavours and aromas from a generous helping of Amarillo and Simcoe hops. Old school meet new school with this slammable beauty

IPA 6%

Rascals Brewery - Wunderbar IPA

Wunderbar is our WONDERFUL IPA brewed with 100% German hops. This is a hop forward IPA, full of fruity hop flavour with a medium bitterness.

Late and dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria. The hops offer sweet tangerine on the nose and sweet citrus fruits on the flavour. Wunderbar has a punchy bitter kick with a fine malt balance.
A true IPA that stands up to its American competitors….DAS IST GUT!

IPA  6%

Brehon Brewhouse - Crann Beatha Vintage 2019

Crann Beatha is het vlaggenschip van Brehon. “Crann Beatha” betekent “tree of Life” in het Iers.

Refererend naar het logo van Brehon en het hout van de Ierse Whiskey vaten waar deze Imperial Stout op gerijpt is. De 2019 Vintage is (eenmalig) speciaal afgevuld voor de Nederlandse markt. Zeer exclusief dus, maar voor dit evenement voor een gereduceerde prijs.

Imperial Stout 10%

Porterhouse Brewing Co. - Yippy IPA

American style IPA with zesty notes of lemon and grapefruit match the fruity, juicy flavour of citrus (Cascade, Amarillo, Mosaiic, Citra) and a subtle, fresh, pine spice (Nugget, Centennial).

IPA 5%

Stone Barrel Brewing - Get Shorty

“Wait! What? A Session Imperial Stout??” That’s right!

We brewed this stout to have the aroma, flavour and look of a full-on imperial stout without the hefty ABV. Brewed with 8 different malt varieties including chocolate, brown, oats and wheat gives this beer a rich and complex yet smooth and silky body.
Big on flavour, small on ABV. A perfect Sessioner!

Session Imperial stout 4%

Rascals Brewery - Yankee White IPA

American IPA meets Belgian Witbier. Yankee is a hybrid of the two styles, hopped like an American IPA with the malt bill of a wheat beer and fermented with Belgian Wit yeast.

Big CITRUS and PEACH fruity profile with subtle spice from the Belgian yeast. Yankee has a soft body, light mouthfeel giving the beer a crisp with a refreshing finish.

White IPA 5%

Third Circle - Ain't No Tang

Third Circle’s Ain’t No Tang! is a Tart New England Pale. It has all the juiciness of a New England blended with the thirst quenching tartness of a kettle sour.

Brewed as two separate beers then blended together and dry hopped with more than enough Mosaic and Simcoe. Expect big aromas of bright tropical fruit candy, pineapple and grapefruit cut with a sour tang

Tart New England Pale 4,5%

Porterhouse Brewing Co. - Oyster Stout

This stout is simply not suitable for vegetarians. It contains oysters. Now, you won’t find one at the bottom of the glass, but you may get a touch of sweet minerality in the flavour that comes from the freshly shucked lads that get put in during brewing.

Not a bad way to go, even for a bivalve.Delicate and toasty, it also has slightly bitter, fragrant twist, thanks to East Kent Goldings.

Stout 4,6%

Third Circle - Needs More Cowbell

Milk stout infused with Tonka beans.

Milk stout 6,5%

Rascals Brewery - Judge Juicy

Packed with hops for maximum flavor and aroma, this juicy 6% NE IPA is perfectly balanced with a little tropical sweetness.

With an inviting hazy texture and the potential for loads of courtroom puns, we’re certain you’ll love this latest Rascals addition – case closed! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Hazy New England IPA 6%

Brehon Brewhouse -Notions Saison

Heerlijke traditionele, cloudy saison van Brehon.

Saison 5,8%